Chaos in the City

Attack of the Elementals

The party was recuperating in the Summer Wind from their adventures the night before, when the innkeeper, Dodd approached them. In a hushed voice, he explained that his kitchen boy claimed to have seen a rat in the cellar, and asked them if they would be so kind as to take care of it for him, keeping it discrete.

The party entered the basement, and spotted three giant rats, each several feet long. After making short work of them, and as they were getting ready to leave, they were further attacked by two giant bugs, each larger than three men. Though these proved more of a challenge, two more adventurers heard the commotion from upstairs and ran down to help. The bugs were killed, but the cellar was trashed. All indications pointed to the bugs being completely normal, except for their unusual size. The party still managed to convince the innkeeper to feed them lunch, and they rested for a spell, tending their wounds.

After lunch, they headed out into the city, Vaelsa wanting to find some information on the blue diamond she wore about her neck, and everyone else looking for supplies. They made their way to the nobles quarter, with Kaalwostin easily convincing the guards to grant them access. The trip to the jewelry store was relatively fruitless, so their next stop was an alchemist’s shop for some potions. While there, however, two large barrels of potion ingredients became animated, and assaulted the party, damaging both them and their weapons. It was the party, however, who destroyed the alchemist’s storefront. After a quick stop at the blacksmith to repair and re-stock, the party decided that the information they sought would be more readily available down in the seedier parts of town.

The Professor led the party to a fence he has used in the past to procure some slightly less legal items for his experimentation, and on confronting him, they managed to get the name of a ship, the Siren’s Kiss, that left port a few weeks ago, containing a diamond like the one Vaelsa wears. The harbormaster confirmed the ship left port three weeks prior; its itinerary claiming it was bound for Hakkan. The party then tried (and failed) to book passage to Hakkan on another ship in port, the Flying Eel.

As they were leaving the docks, They were drawn to a ruckus going on in the shallow water nearby, and saw what appeared to be two water elementals trying to drown a teenager. The party quickly intervened and destroyed the elementals, saving the boy, who introduced himself as Taran Halamore.

Taran led them back through the city to the Nobles’ Quarter, to a great manor house, and introduced the party to his father, the blustery Lord Imry Halamore. Lord Halamore , expressing his gratitude for saving his son, asked the party to stay at his estate, and presented each of them with a magical item as a token of his appreciation.


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