The Cultists' Hideout

The Plot Thickens

Lusacan, Vaelsa, and Walker arrived in Yem after several days of uneventful travel, and promptly split the party. Rusty and Walker were passed out on their horses after overdoing it the night before, so Vaelsa led them through the city to a nearby inn and tavern in the Merchant quarter, the Summer Wind.

After dropping the horses and her two companions off with the stable boy, Vaelsa managed to negotiate a room for the party for a night, horrifying the innkeeper, Dodd, with her somewhat… rustic… charm. She was asked to pay in advance.

Meanwhile, Lusacan attempted to find the library, which he was assured was the greatest in the kingdom. Eventually learning it was in the Nobles’ Quarter, he tried to enter, but was denied at the gate, forcing him to acquire some finer clothes and grease a few palms in the process.

The library was indeed comprehensive, and Lusacan hunkered down to start searching through shelves of dusty old tomes, looking for any information he could find regarding the mysterious figure from his childhood. Shortly after, he was approached by a hooded figure, and told of a group of people with the knowledge he was seeking, and that he should bring his companions and meet in front of the Temple to Erathis at midnight.

Completely ignoring the obvious warning signs in his singular focus of finding the mysterious figure from his past, Lusacan, joined by Vaelsa and Walker, made his way to the temple, where they were met by the shadowy figure from the library. He led them through a maze of alleyways and side streets until they found a ramshackle house, with a hidden entrance into an underground lair. Cages lined the room, many containing beaten and terrified looking people. A large blue circle made of dimly-glowing runes adorned the floor, surrounded by several cultists. As the party watched, one of the cultists led a prisoner to the summoning circle, a knife to his throat. Slowly chanting, he slaughtered the prisoner, spilling the blood on the circle, but getting no reaction. The stone door slammed shut behind the party, trapping them. Again, one of the hooded figures went to the cages, grabbing a bald old man, and leading him to the circle.

This time, however, the prisoner put up a fight, and the party quickly recovered from their stunned surprise and joined the fray. The initial cultists fell quickly, but two more entered the room and proved significantly more formidable, managing to drop Lusacan. As he lay there bleeding, his blood ran through a channel in the floor to the summoning circle, causing the runes there to flare bright up brightly. An enormous horned figure appeared in a burst of flame and hellfire, and the remaining two cultists fell to the ground as charred husks of ash and bone.

The figure revealed himself as Alzrius, the same devil who saved Lusacan so many years ago. A deal was struck, binding Lusacan into his service in exchange for power and the promise of information.

The party then took a few minutes to free the prisoners, and introduced themselves to the one who fought back, The Professor, who agreed to help them escape the cultists’ hideout.

The party continued through the lair, swiftly solving a puzzle involving a magic mirror and a hidden key, defeating some imps bound to this plane, and triggering a hidden bridge over an underground chasm, before entering a room where they were flashbombed and knocked out by an illusory mage.

They woke up in a great underground cavern, full of bioluminescent mushrooms, glistening stalactites, and the faraway sound of running water. Catching a glimpse of the mage that knocked them out, the party gave chase, eventually coming to a naturally formed balcony area over an even larger chamber, with an enormous glowing blue crystal at the center. The mage reached the crystal, did something with the runes on the base, and disappeared. Whispers then echoed through the cavern, saying “Oryx”, “Pyramids”, and “Crystal of Ages”. Lusacan heard something behind him, and turned around to see his new patron inches from his face, screaming “FIND THE CRYSTAL!”, before disappearing once again in a burst of flames.

The party awoke once more in the cultists’ hideout, and came to the realization that their time in the caverns was somehow a strange psychic link to the mysterious robed figure, and that what they were witnessing was happening now in a far away land.

In a nearby room, after facing a particularly sticky mimic, the party found a small stash of potions and gold, as well as the exit to the streets. Releasing the prisoners to the town guards, the party made their way back to the Summer Wind to rest and regroup.


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