The Journey Begins

After spending a few days enjoying the hospitality of Lord Imry, the party decided it was time to set off towards Oryx. After speaking about their destination with him, he offered to pay their way as far as Hakkan, provided they did him a favor. One of the mages under his employ had gone missing, and had taken with him an exceptionally large and powerful jewel. Imry told them to meet with an agent of his in Hakkan, Magister Brightcloak.

As the party were leaving the estate, they were stopped by Taran Halamore, who discretely offered them some gold pieces in exchange for finding him some mushrooms while they were down in the jungle. The party agreed to find them and drop them off with Brightcloak before they made their way toward Oryx.

They headed to the docks through a city in chaos. Although the guard presence had been increased significantly since they first arrived, strange things were happening in the city, with no explanation why.

As they arrived at the docks, the party once again encountered the captain of the Flying Eel, Carvin Deepstrider. This time, however, he welcomed them onto his ship, upon which passage had been booked for them, thanks to their new patron.

The journey was mostly uneventful, save for an attack by a Wyvern several days in. The captain and crew of the eel all hid below-decks, but the foolhardy brave adventurers stayed topside and managed to defeat the creature.

After arriving in Hakkan, the party met with Magister Brightcloak and immediately began to investigate the disappearance of Imry’s mage, Magister Vyre. From speaking with Brightcloak, they learned that he had become increasingly paranoid of late, and had taken to spending long amounts of time out in the jungle. After looking through his quarters, they discovered a hastily-scribbled paper that appeared to be a map, with several sites crossed off.

As they prepared to head into the jungle to investigate, The Professor met briefly with some of the inventors and artificers present at the mages guild in Hakkan, and devised a contraption to ease travel through the jungle, which Kaal dubbed The Whackadoo.

After traveling for the better part of a day, blazing a path of destruction through the trees and bushes, the party arrived on the first of the sites marked on Vyre’s map, only to find it a ruin. After a thorough investigation, they set up camp for the night, but the second-watch was interrupted by some of the local fauna, specifically a dinosaur and a saber-toothed tiger. After a short combat featuring a nontraditional use of the Whackadoo, the party managed to defeat their foes.

The next morning, they set out for the next of the spots marked on the map, and after a half-day’s travel, found themselves in front of a beautifully-restored ancient temple. After adoring a talking door, the party gained entrance and began investigating. Some magically animated tapestries attacked, and the party managed to slay them without sustaining too much bodily harm to themselves. Clearly, they were in the right place.

The party then made it to a hidden room housing what appears to be the workspace of a mad wizard, where they decided to take a breather.

What challenges lurk behind the next door? Will the party manage to find Magister Vyre? What about the ridiculously sized ruby? Find out next time!


I love the Whackadoo part!

The Journey Begins
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