Bandits in Everton
The Adventure Begins

The party arrives in Everton, their first step in what is sure to be a grand adventure. They greet the local lord, Content Not Found: baron-anders, and ask about work. The baron has met many such adventuring parties before, and knows that not all of them are terribly capable, so he asks the party to challenge his guards in the local arena, providing entertainment for the townsfolk, and a chance to see this group in action.

The party faces three guards in the arena, and come out victorious, and relatively unscathed.

After a raucous night of drinking (and a fair bit of bare-knuckle brawling) at the local tavern, the party is once again brought before the baron, who informs them of a group of bandits in the nearby woods, who have recently grown bolder, and kidnapped the daughter of a farmer, and are demanding ransom. The party strikes a deal to track down and put an end to these bandits, in return for a small reward, and a loan of some horses to speed up travel to the capital city, Yem.

The party begins searching the woods, and stumbles across a well-worn dirt trail. Following it, they are nearly ambushed by a couple of bandits, but manage to take them out without any casualties. Continuing down the trail, they reach a clearing with a couple of tents, and a smoldering fire pit. After checking the tents for any additional men, the party ambushes the leader of the bandits, and makes short work of him.

They find the kidnapped girl, and release her to the baron’s scouts, who have followed them from a safe distance, to bring proof of the deed back to Anders.

The party then returns to Anders, who has already received word of their success, and gives them a small purse of gold, before directing him to the stablemaster, who loans them horses and sets them en route to the capital city.


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