The Journey Begins

After spending a few days enjoying the hospitality of Lord Imry, the party decided it was time to set off towards Oryx. After speaking about their destination with him, he offered to pay their way as far as Hakkan, provided they did him a favor. One of the mages under his employ had gone missing, and had taken with him an exceptionally large and powerful jewel. Imry told them to meet with an agent of his in Hakkan, Magister Brightcloak.

As the party were leaving the estate, they were stopped by Taran Halamore, who discretely offered them some gold pieces in exchange for finding him some mushrooms while they were down in the jungle. The party agreed to find them and drop them off with Brightcloak before they made their way toward Oryx.

They headed to the docks through a city in chaos. Although the guard presence had been increased significantly since they first arrived, strange things were happening in the city, with no explanation why.

As they arrived at the docks, the party once again encountered the captain of the Flying Eel, Carvin Deepstrider. This time, however, he welcomed them onto his ship, upon which passage had been booked for them, thanks to their new patron.

The journey was mostly uneventful, save for an attack by a Wyvern several days in. The captain and crew of the eel all hid below-decks, but the foolhardy brave adventurers stayed topside and managed to defeat the creature.

After arriving in Hakkan, the party met with Magister Brightcloak and immediately began to investigate the disappearance of Imry’s mage, Magister Vyre. From speaking with Brightcloak, they learned that he had become increasingly paranoid of late, and had taken to spending long amounts of time out in the jungle. After looking through his quarters, they discovered a hastily-scribbled paper that appeared to be a map, with several sites crossed off.

As they prepared to head into the jungle to investigate, The Professor met briefly with some of the inventors and artificers present at the mages guild in Hakkan, and devised a contraption to ease travel through the jungle, which Kaal dubbed The Whackadoo.

After traveling for the better part of a day, blazing a path of destruction through the trees and bushes, the party arrived on the first of the sites marked on Vyre’s map, only to find it a ruin. After a thorough investigation, they set up camp for the night, but the second-watch was interrupted by some of the local fauna, specifically a dinosaur and a saber-toothed tiger. After a short combat featuring a nontraditional use of the Whackadoo, the party managed to defeat their foes.

The next morning, they set out for the next of the spots marked on the map, and after a half-day’s travel, found themselves in front of a beautifully-restored ancient temple. After adoring a talking door, the party gained entrance and began investigating. Some magically animated tapestries attacked, and the party managed to slay them without sustaining too much bodily harm to themselves. Clearly, they were in the right place.

The party then made it to a hidden room housing what appears to be the workspace of a mad wizard, where they decided to take a breather.

What challenges lurk behind the next door? Will the party manage to find Magister Vyre? What about the ridiculously sized ruby? Find out next time!

Chaos in the City
Attack of the Elementals

The party was recuperating in the Summer Wind from their adventures the night before, when the innkeeper, Dodd approached them. In a hushed voice, he explained that his kitchen boy claimed to have seen a rat in the cellar, and asked them if they would be so kind as to take care of it for him, keeping it discrete.

The party entered the basement, and spotted three giant rats, each several feet long. After making short work of them, and as they were getting ready to leave, they were further attacked by two giant bugs, each larger than three men. Though these proved more of a challenge, two more adventurers heard the commotion from upstairs and ran down to help. The bugs were killed, but the cellar was trashed. All indications pointed to the bugs being completely normal, except for their unusual size. The party still managed to convince the innkeeper to feed them lunch, and they rested for a spell, tending their wounds.

After lunch, they headed out into the city, Vaelsa wanting to find some information on the blue diamond she wore about her neck, and everyone else looking for supplies. They made their way to the nobles quarter, with Kaalwostin easily convincing the guards to grant them access. The trip to the jewelry store was relatively fruitless, so their next stop was an alchemist’s shop for some potions. While there, however, two large barrels of potion ingredients became animated, and assaulted the party, damaging both them and their weapons. It was the party, however, who destroyed the alchemist’s storefront. After a quick stop at the blacksmith to repair and re-stock, the party decided that the information they sought would be more readily available down in the seedier parts of town.

The Professor led the party to a fence he has used in the past to procure some slightly less legal items for his experimentation, and on confronting him, they managed to get the name of a ship, the Siren’s Kiss, that left port a few weeks ago, containing a diamond like the one Vaelsa wears. The harbormaster confirmed the ship left port three weeks prior; its itinerary claiming it was bound for Hakkan. The party then tried (and failed) to book passage to Hakkan on another ship in port, the Flying Eel.

As they were leaving the docks, They were drawn to a ruckus going on in the shallow water nearby, and saw what appeared to be two water elementals trying to drown a teenager. The party quickly intervened and destroyed the elementals, saving the boy, who introduced himself as Taran Halamore.

Taran led them back through the city to the Nobles’ Quarter, to a great manor house, and introduced the party to his father, the blustery Lord Imry Halamore. Lord Halamore , expressing his gratitude for saving his son, asked the party to stay at his estate, and presented each of them with a magical item as a token of his appreciation.

The Cultists' Hideout
The Plot Thickens

Lusacan, Vaelsa, and Walker arrived in Yem after several days of uneventful travel, and promptly split the party. Rusty and Walker were passed out on their horses after overdoing it the night before, so Vaelsa led them through the city to a nearby inn and tavern in the Merchant quarter, the Summer Wind.

After dropping the horses and her two companions off with the stable boy, Vaelsa managed to negotiate a room for the party for a night, horrifying the innkeeper, Dodd, with her somewhat… rustic… charm. She was asked to pay in advance.

Meanwhile, Lusacan attempted to find the library, which he was assured was the greatest in the kingdom. Eventually learning it was in the Nobles’ Quarter, he tried to enter, but was denied at the gate, forcing him to acquire some finer clothes and grease a few palms in the process.

The library was indeed comprehensive, and Lusacan hunkered down to start searching through shelves of dusty old tomes, looking for any information he could find regarding the mysterious figure from his childhood. Shortly after, he was approached by a hooded figure, and told of a group of people with the knowledge he was seeking, and that he should bring his companions and meet in front of the Temple to Erathis at midnight.

Completely ignoring the obvious warning signs in his singular focus of finding the mysterious figure from his past, Lusacan, joined by Vaelsa and Walker, made his way to the temple, where they were met by the shadowy figure from the library. He led them through a maze of alleyways and side streets until they found a ramshackle house, with a hidden entrance into an underground lair. Cages lined the room, many containing beaten and terrified looking people. A large blue circle made of dimly-glowing runes adorned the floor, surrounded by several cultists. As the party watched, one of the cultists led a prisoner to the summoning circle, a knife to his throat. Slowly chanting, he slaughtered the prisoner, spilling the blood on the circle, but getting no reaction. The stone door slammed shut behind the party, trapping them. Again, one of the hooded figures went to the cages, grabbing a bald old man, and leading him to the circle.

This time, however, the prisoner put up a fight, and the party quickly recovered from their stunned surprise and joined the fray. The initial cultists fell quickly, but two more entered the room and proved significantly more formidable, managing to drop Lusacan. As he lay there bleeding, his blood ran through a channel in the floor to the summoning circle, causing the runes there to flare bright up brightly. An enormous horned figure appeared in a burst of flame and hellfire, and the remaining two cultists fell to the ground as charred husks of ash and bone.

The figure revealed himself as Alzrius, the same devil who saved Lusacan so many years ago. A deal was struck, binding Lusacan into his service in exchange for power and the promise of information.

The party then took a few minutes to free the prisoners, and introduced themselves to the one who fought back, The Professor, who agreed to help them escape the cultists’ hideout.

The party continued through the lair, swiftly solving a puzzle involving a magic mirror and a hidden key, defeating some imps bound to this plane, and triggering a hidden bridge over an underground chasm, before entering a room where they were flashbombed and knocked out by an illusory mage.

They woke up in a great underground cavern, full of bioluminescent mushrooms, glistening stalactites, and the faraway sound of running water. Catching a glimpse of the mage that knocked them out, the party gave chase, eventually coming to a naturally formed balcony area over an even larger chamber, with an enormous glowing blue crystal at the center. The mage reached the crystal, did something with the runes on the base, and disappeared. Whispers then echoed through the cavern, saying “Oryx”, “Pyramids”, and “Crystal of Ages”. Lusacan heard something behind him, and turned around to see his new patron inches from his face, screaming “FIND THE CRYSTAL!”, before disappearing once again in a burst of flames.

The party awoke once more in the cultists’ hideout, and came to the realization that their time in the caverns was somehow a strange psychic link to the mysterious robed figure, and that what they were witnessing was happening now in a far away land.

In a nearby room, after facing a particularly sticky mimic, the party found a small stash of potions and gold, as well as the exit to the streets. Releasing the prisoners to the town guards, the party made their way back to the Summer Wind to rest and regroup.

Bandits in Everton
The Adventure Begins

The party arrives in Everton, their first step in what is sure to be a grand adventure. They greet the local lord, Content Not Found: baron-anders, and ask about work. The baron has met many such adventuring parties before, and knows that not all of them are terribly capable, so he asks the party to challenge his guards in the local arena, providing entertainment for the townsfolk, and a chance to see this group in action.

The party faces three guards in the arena, and come out victorious, and relatively unscathed.

After a raucous night of drinking (and a fair bit of bare-knuckle brawling) at the local tavern, the party is once again brought before the baron, who informs them of a group of bandits in the nearby woods, who have recently grown bolder, and kidnapped the daughter of a farmer, and are demanding ransom. The party strikes a deal to track down and put an end to these bandits, in return for a small reward, and a loan of some horses to speed up travel to the capital city, Yem.

The party begins searching the woods, and stumbles across a well-worn dirt trail. Following it, they are nearly ambushed by a couple of bandits, but manage to take them out without any casualties. Continuing down the trail, they reach a clearing with a couple of tents, and a smoldering fire pit. After checking the tents for any additional men, the party ambushes the leader of the bandits, and makes short work of him.

They find the kidnapped girl, and release her to the baron’s scouts, who have followed them from a safe distance, to bring proof of the deed back to Anders.

The party then returns to Anders, who has already received word of their success, and gives them a small purse of gold, before directing him to the stablemaster, who loans them horses and sets them en route to the capital city.


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