Tag: NPC


  • Dodd

    The owner and proprietor of the [[Summer Wind]] inn and tavern.

  • Alzrius

    Somehow connected to [[:lucasan | Lusacan]] and his family, Alzrius is a Pit Lord from the Nine Hells. After the second time he saved Lusacan's life, he agreed to act as his patron, exchanging a sliver of his power for an oath of fealty and the promise of …

  • Baron Anders

    A minor baron in the kingdom of Yemnos, Anders is the lord over the small city of Everton. Since Everton is on the road to the capital city and frequently host to traveling adventurers, Anders has been known to request their aid rather than relying on his …

  • Taran Halamore

    The son of [[Imry Halamore|Lord Halamore]]. The party rescued Taran from a water elemental down by the docks in [[Yem]].

  • Imry Halamore

    Lord of House Halmore of Yem. Imry is a friendly but blustery man, who is grateful to the party after rescuing his son, [[Taran Halamore|Taran]]. House Halamore is one of the four great houses in [[Yem]], and is best known for their involvement in …

  • Magister Brightcloak

    A Mage in [[Hakkan]] under the employ of [[Imry Halamore]]. As lord Imry's agent in Hakkan, he is the party's point of contact for the work he has asked them to do.

  • Carvin Deepstrider

    The halfling captain of the [[Flying Eel]], Carvin is small, but more than makes up for it with his big personality.

  • Magister Vyre

    A mage in the [[Hakkan]] Mages Guild, thought to have taken a large ruby with him before disappearing into the jungle.