The capital city of the Kingdom of Yemnos.

The city is sprawling, with a large keep at the center where the royal family resides. Surrounding the keep are several districts, including the Nobles Quarter, with highly-controlled access; a Trade District, where artisans of all sorts live and work; a Merchants District, home to the city’s middle-class; and the Market, where people from all over the realm gather to buy and sell everything and anything.

A coastal city, Yem is also home to many wharves and marinas, facilitating travel and trade with the rest of the Kingdom. Though the soldiers in the city guard do a good job of keeping the peace, no city is without slums and crime, and the area surrounding the docks is where most of the impoverished and destitute end up. If you’re looking for a fence to sell stolen goods, an assassin for hire, or a brothel to warm you during the long cold nights, this is the place.

However, Yem is also a city of great knowledge. The nobles quarter is home to the King’s Library, which contains a vast repository of dusty tomes and weathered scrolls. Open to anyone (provided you are granted entrance to the Nobles Quarter), it is one of the shining jewels of the kingdom, and a destination for many who seek knowledge.


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